Robinson Club, Jandia Playa
Robinson Club, Jandia Playa
Robinson Club Jandia Playa is a year-round holiday club situated at the southern end of the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. It has 362 rooms and the site covers an area of about 6 Hectares. It is one of the oldest tourist facilities on the island and boasts a mature population of palms and other exotic trees.
Our office was commisioned to prepare a new design for the club grounds – a design that integrates existing buldings and other site features yet respects new functions and combines all components together in a new and beautiful whole.
A new, wider path system ensures that guests and staff can reach all parts of the site comfortably. The existing vegetation is used create a series of beautiful and interesting spaces. New planting complements old. Intimate spaces are created for sunbathing around the pool and infront of the rooms, other garden spaces are open and more public. Many are designed to provide a range of uses so that users have as many options as possible.
The garden is an green oasis in the otherwise arid landscape of this unique island.
Robinson Club, Jandia Playa

  • Project
    Robinson Club, Jandia Playa
  • Client
    Touristik Finanz AG, Zürich
  • Architect
    Joerg Kobe Building Design & Management, Zürich
  • Planning Period
  • Gross Landscape Construction Costs
    approx. 800.000 €
  • Design Phases
    1 - 3
  • Country