Market Apolda
Market ApoldaMarket ApoldaMarket ApoldaMarket ApoldaMarket Apolda
Where once cars dominated the old town centre of Apolda now inhabitants and visitors can enjoy a quality open space in which the historic buildings seen and enjoyed. The concept is based upon our offices’ successful competion entry from 2001. The goal was to acknowledge the special character oft he urban space and interpret this in a modern way.
The space still retains its function as a market, yet allows many more uses and makes the existing shops more accessible, attractive and profitable. The old well still forms the centre of the design and from this point the granite paving radiates outwards in a powerful design gesture. Benches and other site furniture strengthen the radial concept.
The old lime tree has been retained and forms a backdrop for the well. Four new lime trees provide shade along the north side of the market. Mobile containers with shrub planting give further spatial definition in front of the shops.

Market Apolda

  • Project
    Market Apolda
  • Client
    Stadt Apolda
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  • Construction Period
  • Gross Landscape Construction Costs
    1,26 Mio. €
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