Botanical Garden Jena
Botanical Garden JenaBotanical Garden JenaBotanical Garden JenaBotanical Garden JenaBotanical Garden Jena
The Botanical Garden lies just to the north of Jena’s old town. It is the second oldest botanical garden in Germany and was established outside the medieval city walls to the north of the ‘Fürstengraben’.

As an institute of the present Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, the Botanical Gardens are a part of the Faculty of Biology and Pharmaceutics. The various research and administrative buildings of this faculty are located in the gardens. In total the botanical garden cultivates about 10.000 plant species under glass and the open.

The total area of the site is 4,5 hectares. The study area included the adjacent Griesbach landscape park and covers a total area of 6,2 hectares. Both sites are under an historic preservation order.

The Development Concept for the Botanical Gardens respects the historical aspects yet provides scope for the present and future scientific requirements. It also ensures  that the attractiveness of the gardens as a magnet for visitors and tourists is retained to ensure the importance of the facility is kept for generations to come.
Botanical Garden Jena

  • Project
    Botanical Garden Jena
  • Client
    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
  • Planning Period
    2006 - today
  • Construction Period
    2006 - today
  • Design Phases
    1 - 9
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